Doctors’ Forum

The Universitas Doctors’ Forum (UDF) is an event of the Foundation dedicated to uplifting the human and ethical standards of the medical profession in the country. It provides medical doctors and students alike a venue for the discussion of the deeper and broader aspects of the profession, with a particular emphasis on the importance of competence, moral stability and the formation of a good conscience in the life of a medical doctor. 

A guest speaker is invited to each forum to share their experiences with the participants and to impart insights relevant to the field of medicine.


by Amiel Villanueva

The Universitas Headquarters was packed with attendees last May 31, 2019 as the Foundation launched the Universitas Doctors’ Forum (UDF) with Dr. Lenora Cañizares-Fernandez, president of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians, as inaugural speaker.

The UDF is the Foundation’s lead program dedicated for doctors. It is an event designed to gather young physicians and medical students and provide them a venue to encounter and learn from established doctors who embody competence, character, compassion and integrity — values which lie at the core of Universitas’ leadership formation.

The evening began with a light meal and the attendees engaging in animated conversations. Universitas President and CEO, Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon, then gave the participants a brief introduction about the Universitas Foundation, highlighting its various activities, programs and international linkages. Afterwards, Dr. Kristine Noelle M. Sunga, one of the event organizers, proceeded to introduce Dr. Lenora Cañizares-Fernandez, the evening’s guest speaker […] Read More