International Linkages

18th Free Society Seminar, Our Fellows Marco Pantaleon (3rd from the right) and Bino Socrates (4th from the right) during the 18th Free Society Seminar. Photo taken at Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia.

Universitas is Latin for universality. We envision a society directed by leaders who are competent, with stable character and well-formed conscience. We believe that good governance can be traced back to the formation received by leaders, with the right values planted in their hearts and minds while they are still young.

Exposure to conferences, internships and other programs offered by organisations with similar objectives is a key component of Universitas’ fellowship program. It aims to help its fellows grasp the universality of its aims as they are promoted in various countries around the world. In that way, they could learn practical solutions that may be applied to help solve the problems faced by leaders in their own social milieu.  

Our Fellows have participated in the various programs of the following institutes:

World Youth Alliance (New York)

Atty. Joel Arzaga at the UN Headquartes during his internship with WYA

Witherspoon Institute (Princeton)

Dr. Amiel and Dr. Wilson at Princeton University

Kolegium Antona Neuwirtha (Slovakia)

Marco and Bino with Martin Luteran, founder of KAN.

RINRI (Japan)

Atty. Kyle and Atty. Oliver in Japan during the RINRI seminar.

Officer for International Linkages (OIL)

Partnerships to various institutions abroad is handled by OILs, who are volunteers preferably residing in the country they represent. They serve as the bridge between Universitas and the partner organization/s in their area of responsibility, in coordination with the Executive Director of the International Linkages Program. They make arrangements for the terms of the partnership, and whenever necessary, sign the corresponding memorandum of agreement on behalf of Universitas. In order to help support the activities of Universitas, OILs appoint Friends of Universitas (FUn) in their locality. They may propose a separate FUn Manager [hyperlink to the FUn page in the V website] to handle this responsibility, who shall be under their direct supervision in coordination with the CFO of Universitas.

Partner organizations

Partner organizations are managed by the Executive Director of the International Linkages Program in coordination with the Officer for International Linkages in a given country. They do not necessarily have an organizational structure similar to Universitas, but they must at least share its foundational principles and core values. Partnership may come in various forms, like sharing of resources, sending of interns or participants to conferences or other programs, among others.

Executive Director

Bino Socrates is the Executive Director of the International Linkages Program. He got his BA in Sociology at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, and his Master’s degree in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. He was also a Fellow (Spring 2018) at John Jay Institute in Pennsylvania, USA, and he has attended academic summer seminars in the United States and in Europe. You can reach him through

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