Johemie QuiƱones

Johemie Quinones is Universitas’s Project Manager for SLEIGH 2021. For more than three years already, this program has been bringing love and joy to different communities through outreach activities and civic development programs.

Passionate as an educator, Johemie is also a Licensed Professional Teacher, broker and a part-time instructor on business programs in Manila-based universities. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded several local startups ranging from medical supplies, condominium management & leasing, food and beverages.

As a product of the country’s public school system, he was inspired by the resilience of his peers from different socio-economic classes to be active in different NGOs such as Boy Scouts of the Philippines where he became an Eagle Scout and Ambassador for Messenger of Peace in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Adventurous as he is, he also loves helping out in Father and Son Camping, Get Togethers, and other formation activities for young people.

Johemie is a tireless worker and dreamer. He aims to be a Doctor of Philosophy in Business to use entrepreneurship in helping Filipinos realize their true potentials. True to his commitment to use education as a means for success in life, he is now pursuing his Doctorate in San Beda University’s School of Business.