Welcome to the Universitas Great Books Seminar! In our sessions, we take part in the conversation of the great authors, who themselves were in continuous dialogue with their predecessors. As we bring their insights to bear on the big questions of the day, we too play a part in the attempt to give an account of existence, the world, society, and human experience in all its breadth and depth. We will discover that none of the great authors spoke of the complete truth. Yet even those who advocated half truths changed the way people viewed the world and the way they behaved towards it. In all of human history, the best advances and the worst outcomes were driven, not by wealth or power, but by ideas, by the novelty, sophistication, and force of their claims on human reality. Such is the power of thought, and the reason we engage the Great Books.

The seminar fee covering all five sessions is PHP 1500 for those residing in the Philippines and USD 40 for those residing abroad. Your contribution helps to sustain this Great Books conversation among students and young professionals. Thank you.

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