The Universitas Fellows Program is the premier program of the Foundation offered to provide holistic formation for future principled leaders in all sectors of society.  It is akin to a management-training program where future officers and managers of the Foundation are formed.

Applicants to the Fellows program undergo all the key APPs (Activities, Projects & Programs) of the Foundation, depending on their qualification level, and are provided with professional mentors.  They have to accomplish work, and acquire knowledge and skills, related to the three key principles of Universitas, namely, Competence, solid Character, and well-formed Conscience.  Concretely, these are measured through the following: Capacity Building, Research & Communication, and Compassion (Social Welfare & Outreach).

Being inducted as a Fellow manifests that the individual is equipped with the necessary formation, tools, skills, and discipline to help contribute to nation building—in one’s family, group of friends, organizations, community, and the society at large. Once inducted,  Fellows renew their fellowship in the Foundation through their annual contribution which depends on their financial capacity, active participation in at least one APP, and by recommending at least one application to UFP per year.

Beyond improving one’s capacity for leadership tasks, a Fellow gains access to all the APPs offered by Universitas, its global network of leaders, and international training programs with partner institutes, all geared to strengthening one’s personal and professional development, in order for each one to contribute better to society.




Tomas is the Director of the Universitas Fellows Program. He finished AB in Economics in 2014 and Juris Doctor in 2019 both at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. He took and passed the 2019 Bar Examinations. He first came into contact with the persons who later on would incorporate the Universitas Foundation in 2014 when he joined the first Inquies Pro Lege (IPL). Afterwards, he became part of the organizing team for the subsequent IPL’s. Through these experiences, he became convinced that the desire for a better society is not enough, because people need to do concrete steps to contribute to its realization. Hence, he hopped in on the Universitas train and, to this day, gives his time and effort to help advocate Principled Leadership. In his spare time, he likes playing musical instruments, listening to music, playing different sports, and reading different books (from Biographies of inspiring people to fiction).