Universitas Fellows Program

The Universitas Fellows Program is the premier program of the Foundation offered to provide holistic formation for future principled leaders in all sectors of society.  It is akin to a management-training program where future program directors and project managers of the Foundation are formed.

Applicants to the Fellows program undergo all the key programs of the Foundation, depending on their qualification level, and are provided with professional mentors.  They have to accomplish work and acquire knowledge and skills related to the three main arms of the Foundation, namely:

  • Capacity Building under the Education, Formation & Mentoring Arm
  • Research & Communication under the Research, Publication and New Media Arm
  • Compassion under the Social Welfare and Outreach Arm

Being inducted as a Fellow manifests that the individual is equipped with the necessary formation, tools, skills, and discipline to help contribute to nation building—in one’s family, group of friends, organizations, community, and the society at large.

Beyond improving one’s capacity for leadership, a Fellow gains access to all the programs and projects offered by Universitas, its global network of leaders, and international training programs with partner institutes all geared to strengthening one’s personal and professional development, in order for each one to contribute better to society.