Back to the Basics

Back to the Basic or “B2B” for short is the first foundational course of Universitas. As a foundational course, each person who applies for the Universitas Fellowship Program has to complete it before he/she could proceed with the other components of the program.

B2B is based on on the book edited by the President & CEO of Universitas published in 2005 entitled, “Back to the Basics: Principles and Values for National Building.”

Many young people want to change the world. A couple of songs about that have been written. During the launching of the book more than a decade ago, one of the major dailies carried this quotation from former Senator and presidential candidtate Raul Roco, “When I was 20, I wanted to change world; When I was 30, I wanted to change my country; When I was 60, I realized I only wanted to change myself.” Incidentally, the book posed this challenge to its readers, “Before we dream of changing the world, we have to start changing ourselves. We have to undergo serious formation.”


Upon incorporation, Universitas Foundation packaged the book into its foundational course, in order to provide a baseline formative activity for all its members. One could complete the course in either of two ways:

  • by attending actual talks and discussions with a facilitator, who helps each participant go through the contents of the entire book; or 
  • by doing it online through the B2B modules replete with evaluative questions throughout the course.

In either case, anyone who wishes to complete the B2B course has to undergo one summary presentation of the entire course given by one of the Fellows of Universitas. Sign up to attend a summary presentation here. If you can gather at least twelve (12) participants in one venue, you may request Universitas via email at to send a Fellow to give you this summary presentation.


JUNE 18, 2020 – Last June 8, the fifth of the seven sessions of the Back to the Basics Online Course was held via Zoom Webinar. This time, however, instead of Universitas President Atty. Oliver Tuazon giving the talk, it was Mr. Paul Graas who facilitated the discussion, primarily focusing on the subject of “depth.”

Paul presently works at Instudo Foundation, where he sets up activities focused on character building and social impact for students and young professionals. Inside Instudo, he is a director of Studiecentrum Lepelenburg (Utrecht), a residence for students and a study centre, where young people come to receive academic, cultural and spiritual formation.

Paul is also research manager at Interaxion Group, giving workshops both in The Netherlands and abroad for parents, teachers and other educators about the impact of the digital world and social media on the development of the youth. He aims to answer the question, how can you educate the youth in freedom and responsibility in a distracted and impulsive society? […] Read More