Universitas envisions a society led, directed and managed by leaders who are competent, with stable moral character and well-formed conscience.

It aims to achieve this by providing programs, projects, activities, venues, structures and institutions for the development of moral character, as a necessary and stable foundation for nation building, starting with the youth, through education, research and social welfare and outreach.



Dear friends,


In light of Metro Manila’s community quarantine caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, Universitas Foundation is suspending all its events and gatherings until further notice. The headquarters will likewise be closed to all visitors until further notice. 


The Foundation gives its full support to the authorities’ efforts to mitigate and contain the outbreak. It expresses its sincere gratitude to all those who have tirelessly and selflessly worked at the frontlines of addressing this crisis.


We call on all the leaders, public and private, across all sectors and industries, to make decisive action rooted ultimately in the dignity of the human persons under their watch. May the leaders move with the cohesion and solidarity needed in order to build confidence among the public that this will be overcome. 


Finally, despite the physical separation induced by the pandemic, let us find ways to look out for one another.



Greetings everyone,

We hope everyone is safe and healthy at home. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the health care workers whose efforts mitigate this pandemic.

The Foundation is responding to the alarming information that PGH, one of the COVID-19 referral hospitals (for COVID positive patients), only has enough PPEs for the next 2 weeks or less. We are open to receiving donations and will use the amount collected by APRIL 6 to buy personal protective suits. Because we have members working in the PGH, we can ensure all our donors of the delivery of these equipment.

You may donate by depositing online to our BPI and GCASH accounts. Once deposited, kindly email your deposit slip or confirmation screenshot to lance@universitas.ph.

God bless!




JANUARY 14, 2020, Pasig City – As the new year marked the beginning of a new decade, it also marked a new beginning in the life of Universitas. Last January 9, on the occasion of the first ULQ installment for the year, COO Morize Arenal announced before the staff and guests of Universitas the appointment of Atty. Angela Butalid as the new CEO of the Foundation.

The incumbent president and former CEO, Atty. Oliver Tuazon, who is currently in Maastricht, Netherlands completing his Master of Laws, expressed his delight at the news.

In view of Atty. Tuazon’s physical distance from the Philippines, where the operations of the Foundation are principally held, the Board of Trustees deemed it fitting, with encouragement from Atty. Tuazon himself, to appoint a new CEO who can directly and personally assist the officers and managers in implementing the activities, projects and programs under their care. […] Read more

Project management may sound familiar to many of us. A project, after all, can be as simple as buying a piece of furniture for your household, as much as it can refer to a fundraising event for an organization, involving operations that are markedly more complex.

However, in the recent decades, project management has developed into a discipline in itself. As such, it offers tools and methodologies for a systematic accomplishment of various types of objectives.

This month’s Fellows’ Night featured Universitas’ very own Chief Media Officer (CMO) Jubert Maquiling whose talk gave the V Fellows and guests a glimpse into the world of project management, a world that is as much science as it is art. […] Read More

“Knowledge is all the possible answers to all the possible questions.”

That was a statement given by Dr. John Finnis, world-renowned legal theorist, to the twelve anxious students of the Witherspoon Institute’s graduate seminar on the Moral Foundations of Law. It was a diverse group, both ethnically and professionally – there were representatives from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

This year, the Philippine delegation was comprised of two young lawyers- Atty. Joel Arzaga (a graduate and professor of the University of Asia and the Pacific, doing advocacy work at that time with the World Youth Alliance based in the UN) and Atty. Angela Butalid (a graduate of the University of the Philippines and working in the National Privacy Commission). Both play active roles in various programs of the Universitas Foundation. […] Read more