Universitas envisions a society led, directed and managed by leaders who are competent, with stable moral character and well-formed conscience.

It aims to achieve this by providing programs, projects, activities, venues, structures and institutions for the development of moral character, as a necessary and stable foundation for nation building, starting with the youth, through education, research and social welfare and outreach.




Discovering the Japanese Way: Reflections on the RINRI Institute of Ethics’ Seminar

A photo-op with the key people of the Fuji Education Center. From L-R: Atty. Kyle G. Bollozos (Corporate Secretary, Universitas), Mr. Akira Suzue (Head of the Fuji Education Center), Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon (President & CEO. Universitas), Mr. Kimura (Senior Lecturer, Fuji Education Center), Dr. Voltaire Cang (Researcher, RINRI Institute of Ethics), and Mr. Nakashima (Senior Lecturer, Fuji Education Center)

Breaking Into Silicon Valley

The Universitas officers' trip to the East Coast of the United States was succeeded by a trip to the opposite side of the continent, particularly at the tech-hub of the world, the Silicon Valley. [...]

MAKING LAWYERS MORAL: A Course on the Moral Foundations of Law in Princeton

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY–After meeting various institutes in New York, New Haven and Washington D.C., Universitas President, Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon, and CFO, Dardecs Villanueva, took the Amtrak train straight to Princeton Junction in New Jersey to attend the Moral Foundations of Law summer course offered by the Witherspoon Institute [...]

Becoming Good Doctors: 3 Physicians Look Back on Medical Ethics Seminar at Princeton Campus

In the mid year break of 2016, three Filipino doctors flew to the East Coast of the United States to attend a week-long course on medical ethics, held at Princeton University. [...]

The Free Society Seminar

Marco Pantaleon shares his stories as a participant in the Free Society Seminar 2018 held in Slovakia last June. Marco is presently a third year student of Political Economy at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Expanding the International Linkages: Washington, D.C. Prospects

Last July 27, 2018, Universitas Officers Atty. Oliver Tuazon (President & CEO), Mr. Dardecs Villanueva (Chief Finance Officer), and Mr. Gregg Tolentino (Executive Director for the Universitas Fellows Program ) met with organizations based in Washington D.C., U.S. [...]

Forging partnerships in New York and New Haven

International linkages and interdisciplinary research are two key priority areas of Universitas Foundation in its effort to form principled leaders. [...]


Bino Socrates shares his experience as an intern at the Kolegium Antona Neuwirtha (KAN) in Slovakia last June 11 to July 9, 2018. Bino is the Officer for International Linkages (Europe) of Universitas Foundation, Inc. He graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Sto. Tomas in 2016.

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“Knowledge is all the possible answers to all the possible questions.”

That was a statement given by Dr. John Finnis, world-renowned legal theorist, to the twelve anxious students of the Witherspoon Institute’s graduate seminar on the Moral Foundations of Law. It was a diverse group, both ethnically and professionally – there were representatives from the United States, Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

This year, the Philippine delegation was comprised of two young lawyers- Atty. Joel Arzaga (a graduate and professor of the University of Asia and the Pacific, doing advocacy work at that time with the World Youth Alliance based in the UN) and Atty. Angela Butalid (a graduate of the University of the Philippines and working in the National Privacy Commission). Both play active roles in various programs of the Universitas Foundation. […] Read more

by Marco Pantaleon

Last July 25 to 29, President & CEO Atty. Oliver Tuazon, accompanied by members of the Universitas Officers and Managers (“VOMs”) Dr. Kristine Sunga and Marco Pantaleon, visited the City of Pines, and gave talks to four different groups (namely: Baguio Business Executives and Business Owners, Prudence Research and Review Center, employees and supervisors of Shell Baguio, and the supervisors and managers of Venus Hotel, Baguio City). To these audiences, Atty. Tuazon spoke about the structure and vision of the Foundation and shared practical insights on nation-building in the context of professional life. […] See Photos

by Francis Perez

The Universitas Fellows’ Night (UFN) last June 6, 2019 featured Atty. Alexander L. Lacson who spoke on the three biggest dangers our country faces today.

Atty. Lacson is best known as the bestselling author of the book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country. A prolific writer, he has penned several books that promote love for our country. He also wrote the poem “I am Filipino”, which is now being memorized by many elementary students in schools nationwide.

Currently, Atty. Lacson serves as a partner in the MALCOLM Law Firm in Ortigas,  Pasig City. He also wrote columns for the BusinessWorld newspaper from 1996 to 2004 and served as an external legal counsel for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Atty. Lacson graduated from University of the Philippines’ College of Law in 1996. In addition, he took the Program for Instructions for Lawyers (PIL) at Harvard Law School in 2002 and attended a leadership program in the Haggai Institute of Leadership, Singapore in 2007, where he delivered the valedictory address for graduates coming from more than 30 countries. […] Read More