Lawyers Quarterly

Universitas Lawyers’ Quarterly (ULQ) is the Foundation’s event specifically committed to promoting a culture of integrity and morality in the legal profession. Every quarter of the year, lawyers and law students gather in the Foundation’s office to interact and discuss over food and cocktails their personal, academic and professional experiences in the field of law. 

A speaker who is distinguished for his or her contribution to the legal profession, while maintaining a reputation for competence, stable moral character and well-formed conscience, is invited to give a talk and share with the audience some valuable insights about the practice of law in the country. 


Last January 24, 2019 was a big day for the Universitas Foundation, as it launched the Universitas Lawyers Quarterly, meant to be a friendly venue for lawyers and law students to get to hear notable and experienced guest speakers, who exemplify the values of competence, character, compassion, and integrity, all of which lie at the core of Universitas’ leadership formation.

The Foundation was fortunate that this milestone was graced by the presence of a distinguished inaugural speaker in the person of retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Jose Catral Mendoza. Justice Mendoza is presently among the members of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), a Constitutional body that is tasked to screen applicants to the Judiciary as well as to Office of the Ombudsman. He now sits in the JBC as the the Executive Committee Chairperson and representative of the retired Supreme Court Justices. […] Read More

When we think of people we admire, we tend to have mixed feelings of admiration and envy. Admiration for their achievements, but at the same time, envy for how lucky their lives turned out to be – much better than ours. We end up telling ourselves, surely, their achievements must have been planned, that where they are now was the result of decades of meticulous planning and hard work. We end up believing that the only way to succeed is to have a plan and stick to it with absolute focus.


But as usual, reality kicks us in the face and jolts us out of this ideal setup. We fail, plan again, try again, fail some more, and keep going with little to no results. We find ourselves stuck in some kind of cruel stagnation. It is not surprising that there are many a disillusioned soul who finds him/herself in this vicious cycle of hard work with no success. […] Read More