Forming Leaders

The Foundation provides venues for the development of moral character, as a necessary and stable foundation for nation building, starting with the youth, through education, research and social outreach. It is particularly concerned in forming leaders in various sectors of society, who are competent, with stable character and a clear conscience.

Holistic Formation

The Foundation helps its beneficiaries understand the need to develop themselves holistically, that is, to undergo the necessary formation to nourish the different aspects of their lives—human, cultural, professional, socio-civic, physical, spiritual—all geared towards personal and professional development, intertwined with service to God, others and society.

Ethics of Reason

The Foundation acknowledges the various ideas that emerge, and sometimes appear to be in conflict, in a multi-cultural society.  In this regard, it aims to go deep into tackling contemporary issues by focusing on what unites various ideas, cultures, societies and religions using human reason and natural law.  This “ethics of reason” is the basis of the Foundation’s analysis of issues, moral or otherwise, that may arise.  In this light, it promotes research-based legislation so that society is built on laws that are just, humane and reasonable.

Respect for Basic Human and Socio-Civic Rights:

  • Human Life. 
  •  Without human life, there are no human rights to speak of. The Foundation acknowledges the scientific basis behind the beginning of human life at conception.

  • Human Dignity. 
  • The foundation values respect for human dignity at various stages of human life, from conception to natural death, regardless of race, sex or creed.

  • Natural Family. 
  •  The Foundation upholds the constitutional recognition of the “sanctity of family” [Art. II, Sec. 12, 1987 Constitution], the family being the “foundation of the nation” and marriage as the “foundation of the family” [Art. XV, Sec. 1 & 2], and as statutorily defined under Article 1 of the Family Code.

Respect for the independence of State and Church affairs, while acknowledging their necessary cooperation for full human flourishing.

The foundation promotes a healthy coordination between the State and the Church for the service of the ‘same’ human person, whose unity of life calls for such cooperation, while at the same time respecting what is proper to each of the two spheres.  Part of this is respect for the rule of law, universal values and virtues and the common good.