“One of the most important things I learned from Universitas was the 3C’s of leadership. Later on, my “bread and butter,” so to speak, was giving the talk on one of the C’s: Competence. The second unforgettable thing I learned was that one cannot give what one does not have. And so, putting the two together, I have been trying to live the virtue of “competence” wherever I find myself in — first as a student at the University of the Philippines, then as a teach in the same university, where I also did my masters degree in Electrical Engineering, and now in the power industry.”

Jomari met Universitas in 2005, and right away he got attracted to its brand of leadership. His “first encounter” with Universitas was through the Universitas Student Conference. After three (3) years of active involvement, he became the Chairman. During this time, he learned to execute the key projects and the value of working as a team in order to work efficiently and to meet the goals.