The Universitas Mentoring Program

Here in Universitas, we believe that a society that is strongly upheld in values and universally-valid morals is a result of having citizens who have been properly guided and counseled. The Universitas Mentoring Program seeks to develop each individual person by building a bridge between mentees and mentors. These professional mentors are equipped with experiences and skills to help the person become the best version of themselves in all aspects of life, from professional to personal needs.

The mentoring program is a gender specific, one-on-one session between a male mentor and male mentee; female mentor and female mentee. The mentor is expected to treat the exchange of information between the mentee with strict confidentiality in order to maintain the trust given to each other. The expected result of this mentoring program is for the mentees to think and to reflect more on their experiences and use their new learnings and realizations to become better members of society.

Roster of Mentors:



As a member of the Board of Trustees, Kyle is the Foundation’s Corporate Secretary. After passing the 2017 Philippine Bar Exams, he was appointed as Universitas’ Chief Legal Officer… read more



Angela is a lawyer and privacy advocate. In 2013, she graduated cum laude in English Literature from the University of the Philippines. She later on obtained her Juris Doctor from the UP College of Lawread more

Tuazon-photo for ManCom page

Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon

Oliver is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Universitas.  He was the immediate past Executive Director of Charis Foundation, and prior to that, of the University Center Foundation… read more

Dardecs Villanueva


Dardecs is the Chief Finance Officer of Universitas and sits in the foundation’s Board of Trustees as its Corporate Treasurer… read more